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The Lion King poster

The Lion King

The Lion King is an American musical drama photorealistic computer animated movie. Which is directed and produced by Jon Favreau, and its writer are Jeff Nathanson. This movie is produce under in Walt Disney Pictures. Basically it is a remake of Disney’s traditionally animated movie of the same name, that movie was released on 1994. The plan of remake for this movie comes up, when Disney Launch their remake movie The Jungle Book in 2016.

Director : Jon Favreau

Producer : Jon Favreau , Jeffery Silver , Karen Gilchrist

Screenplay : Jeff Nathanson

Based on : Disney’s The Lion King by Irene Mecchi , Jonathan Roberts , Linda Woolverton

Cinematography : Caleb Deschanel

Editing : Mark Livolsi , Adam Grestel

Production Company : Walt Disney Pictures , Fairview Entertainment

Distribution : Walt Disney Studios , Motion Pictures

Release Date : 09 July 2019

Star Cast : Donald Glover , Seth Rogen , Chiwetel Ejiofor , Alfre Woodard , Billy Eichner , John Kani , John Oliver , Beyoncé Knowles Carter , James Earl Jones


About Movie :

The story of this movie is about the life of Simba, so let’s start the story. Somewhere in Africa’s land, there is a pride lion who rule over the animal kingdom from his Pride Rock. The Lion King name is Mufasa, he is living with his Queen. Now his Queen Sarabi is pregnant with his baby, and now time has come for the new baby. His baby, Simba, is now presenting to the gathering animals by Rafiki the mandrill. Rafiki is the kingdom’s Shaman and advisor.

The Lion King movie

After some time, Mufasa is showing Simba the Pride Lands and explain to him the responsibilities of kingship. And also he explain his son about the circle of life which connects all living things. Now Mufasa’s younger brother is entering in this movie, so his name is Scar and he is so greedy for the kingdom. And now he plan to eliminate Mufasa and Simba, because he need that throne of his elder brother.

Now for knowing about his pan and further movie story, you have to watch this movie. For downloading the movie, link is give you below. So why are waiting now just go and watch this amazing movie.


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