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The Boys in the Band

The Boys in The Band

The Boys in the Band

The Boys in the Band is a 2020 American drama film .

Directed By : Joe Mantello

Produced By : Ryan Murphy , David Stone , Joe Mantello , Ned martel , Alexis Martin Woodall

Starring : Jim Parsons , Zachary Quinto , Matt Bomer , Andrew Rannells , Charlie Carver , Robin de Jesus , Brian Hutchison, Michael Benjamin , Washington, Tuc Watkins

About the movie

A group of gay friends reunite to celebrate one of their birthdays at an apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. When the host’s potentially closeted college roommate shows up who is not invited, the evening is thrown into turmoil.

After that there are lot of truths and stories that come into picture as the story goes on . there are lot of misunderstanding between the friends that should be clear. The movie is full of drama and lot of stories mix up. As there are lot of characters in the movie because it is a whole band.

If you like movie relatable to music and some fun  then you will like it . The movie begins on a peppy note with preparations for a birthday party at Michael’s plush Upper East Side apartment.

the characters include Harold (Zachary Quinto), Donald (Matt Bomer), Larry (Andrew Rannells), Emory (Robin de Jesus), Bernard (Michael Benjamin Washington) and Hank (Tuc Watkins).

After the brief moments they understand and confess their love to each other. followed by expressions of deep-seated anger, a fact seen especially in Michael. He ensures that everyone should have a good time at his birthday party.

There is lot of thoughts going in everyone heads as the party goes on . Because of certain things that were coming into picture. Because of this a time comes in the party when All the men in the room grapple to hold on the shreds of sanity that they developed over the years,

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