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The Animal

The Animal is a American comedy sci-fi movie, which is directed by Luke Greenfield. This movie story writer are Tom Brady. On that time, when this movie was released in late 2001, Manning was revealed to be a fictitious character. Which is create by Sony to fake publicity for this movie. And Sony claimed that the error was due to a layout artist who enter ‘dummy text’ into print advertisements during their design. This was accidentally never replace with real text.

Director : Luke Greenfield

Producer : Barry Bernardi , Carr D’Angelo , Todd Garner

Screenplay : Rob Schneider , Tom Brady

Cinematography : Peter Lyons Collister

Editing : Jeff Gourson

Production Company : Columbia Pictures , Revolution Studios , Happy Madison

Distribution : Sony Pictures Releasing

Release Date : 01 June 2001

Star Cast : Rob Schneider , Colleen Haskell , John C. McGinley , Guy Torry , Edward Asner

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About Movie:

So our movie starts in the town of Elkerton, where a awkward, clumsy but nice guy living, whose name is Marvin Mange. His dream is to become a police officer like his dad was. And he try continuously attempts to pass the physical test to become a full-fledge police officer. But he is not getting any chance, even after giving repeated attempts. He is always not able to complete the obstacle of the course, and Marvin is constantly mistreats by heartless and sleazy Sgt. Doug Sisk.

Actually Marvin is currently working as a evidence clerk in police station. He also have friends with a security guard Miles and his fellow cadet Fatty. Suddenly one day, when he is alone at station, he receives a call of robbery. So now there is no other officers available at that time for taking that call, so he attempts to take it himself but ends up driving off the road. And he also tumbling down a mountain and seriously injuring himself.

Now the movie is going on so much interesting, because when he is going to wake up after the accident. So you see something special in there, want to know about that. You have to watch it by yourself, i am sharing a link with you. Go now and check it out, link for downloading is give you below.


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