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Serious Men

Serious Men is a Indian Bollywood comedy drama movie, which is directed by Sudhir Mishra. Actually this movie is based on the book of the same name, and this book writer name is Manu Joseph. This movie is produced by Bombay Fables and Cineraas Entertainment. Serious Men is release on Netflix on 02 October 2020.

Director : Sudhir Mishra

Producer : Sudhir Mishra , Bhavesh Mandalia , Sejal Shah

Writer : Bhavesh Mandalia , Abhijeet Khuman , Niren Bhatt , Nikhil Nair

Based on : Serious Men by Manu Joseph

Cinematography : Alexander Sukala

Editing : Atanu Mukherjee

Production Company : Bombay Fables , Cineraas Entertainment

Distribution : Netflix

Release Date : 02 October 2020

Star Cast : Nawazuddin Siddiqui , Indira Tiwari , Nassar , Aakshath Das , Sanjay Narvekar , Shweta Basu Prasad , Yogesh Yadav

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About Movie :

So this movie is giving you full entertainment, because there is one man who is naturally talented. He is amazingly doing his job in every character he play’s, so let’s talk about this movie. The science in Serious Men revolves around the possibility of microbes existing beyond the atmosphere. With all this they are proving that, life outside Earth is possible.

Ayyan Mani is a Dalit caste man, who working as an assistant to a Brahman director of National Institute of Theory and Research . Actually Ayyan is just an assistant, but he has a shrewd brain, and actually he wants to ensure that his kid has a bright future. Aadi ( Ayyan son) is the school genius, who makes his teachers feel embarrassing about their lack of knowledge. He is actually talking about producing oxygen in the human body by infusing green pigment in it. And he try to make people’s hopeful of generation energy from neutrons.

So there is lot’s of things going in this movie, but i am not going to tell you about them. Because this movie concept is nice, you have to check it out by yourself. And also understand things better by watching them. There is a thing that Ayyan calls himself that he is belong to a 2G, meaning 2 Generation people. But he is using his mind to help his 10 year old kid to become a 4G, which is the 4th Generation.

For finding out more about this movie, you have to watch this movie by yourself. And for that, i am sharing a link with you all, with this link you can download this movie free. So the link is below, click on download below:


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