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Ludo is a 2020 Indian anthology dark comedy crime film .

Directed by : Anurag Basu.

Cast: Abhishek bachchan , Aditya Roy Kapur , Rajkumar Rao , Pankaj Tripathi , Fatima Sana Shaikh , Sanya Malhotra , Rohit Suresh Saraf , Pearle Manney

About movie

Ludo starts with two people contemplating life and death and they decide to play ludo. The game they play correlates to the lives of Sattu Bhaiya, Akash , Alok Kumar and Bittu.

Sattu Bhaiya is a gangster who is settling old scores with Bittu . Who is his right-hand man in the past .  Because of this Sattu Bhaiya becomes the dice of ludo and Bittu forms the red side in ludo.

Akash and Shruti forms the yellow side. They find that someone has recorded a video of them having sex and have uploaded it to the internet . Then they start the race to find the culprit and take down the video before Shruti’s would-be husband finds out.

The blue side is formed by Sheeja Thomas and Rahul. Sheeja is a Malayali nurse who speaks only Malayalam and Rahul is a struggling young man from a small town being bullied by his boss. They find the treasure of Sattu Bhaiya and the gang chases them and they try to escape.

The green side is formed by Alok Kumar and his sweet heart Pinky . Pinky’s husband becomes a suspect in a murder case and because of this she seeks help from Alok to save him.

They try several times but fail because of various reason. There is lot of drama and comedy in the movie because of that whole movie is full package of entertainment.

These four stories become entangled in a series of events, leading to an engaging climax where all four sides are present. and the movie happily ends for everyone.

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