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Love and Monsters movie poster

Love and Monsters

Love and Monsters is Hollywood American movie, which is fully load with apocalyptic adventure and also so much comedy. The directors of this movie are Michael Matthews, with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen. This movie is release on 16 October 2020, and the releasing of this movie is Paramount Pictures via video on demand and in selective theatres.

Director : Michael Matthews

Producer : Shawn Levy , Dan Cohen

Screen Play : Brian Duffield , Matthew Robinson

Story : Brian Duffield

Cinematography : Lachlan Milne

Editing : Debbie Berman , Nancy Richardson

Production Company : 21 laps Entertainment , Entertainment One

Distribution : Paramount Pictures

Release Date : 16 October 2020

Star Cast : Dylan O’Brien , Michael Rooker , Ariana Greenblatt , Jessica Henwick

Love and Monsters movie

About movie:

So this movie is story is based on a spec script by Brian Duffield. Now lets talk about this movie, after the humanity nukes an asteroid is directly heading towards here in our Earth. The radiation of that asteroid spills down upon the planet, and mutating animal life’s and turning many into them a large monster.

After this things is happening, the military and the largest monsters are wiping each other out. But during this evacuation is going on of Fairfield, Joel Dawson is separates from his girlfriend Aimee. The time, when they are separating from each other, Joel promises to her girlfriend that he will find her soon. Now the movie is going to more interesting, because after this you see, Joel’s parents are killed by a large monster.¬† So Joel is taken by another group of survivors.

After you see this, the story still going on very interesting. But i am not telling you the whole story here, because if i am telling you here, then you are not going to watch this movie. So for finding out more about the movie, you have to watch it with your own. For downloading this movie in HD quality, i am sharing a link below with you all guys. Go now and download it and watch this amazing movie.


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