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Black Panther Download

Black Panther Download


Black Panther (2018)

Black Panther is a American superhero movie .

Directed by : Ryan Coogler

It is the 18th marvel cinematic Universe film.

Main Actor – Chadwick Boseman

Other Cast –

Michael B Jordan , Luptia Nyong’o , Danai Gunra , Martin Freeman , Daniel Kaluuya  , Letitia Wright , Winston Duke , Angela Bassett , Forest Whitaker and Andey Serkis.

About Movie

Thousands of year ago , five African tribes war over a meteorite containing the metal vibranium.

One warrior ingests a “heart-shaped herb”affected by the metal and gains superhuman abilities.

He Becomes the first Black Panther.

He unites all but the jabari tribe to form the nation of wakanda  .

The Wakandans use the vibranium to develop advanced technology and isolate themselves from the world by posing as a third world country in 1992.

Wakanda’s king T’Chaka goes to visits his brother N’Jobu .

He is working undercover in Oakland,California .

TÇhaka accuses N’Jobu of assisting black-market by stealing vibranium from Wakandan .

In the presnt day , after T’Çhaka’s death his son T’Challa returns to Wakanda .

At the ceremony , The Jabari Tribe’s leader M’Baku challenges T’Challa for the crown in ritual combat .

T’Challa defeats M’Baku and persudaes him to yield before him rather than die.

When Klaue and his partner Erik Stevens steal a Wakandan artifact from London Museum .

T’Challa’s friend and Okoye’s lover W’kabi forces him to bring klaue back alive.

Because of this T’Challa , Okoye and Nakia travel to Busan.

South Korea , where Klaue plans to sell the artifact to CIA agent Everett K Ross .

Then there is a fight where Klaue tries to escape but is caught by T’Challa .

After all this Klaue tells Ross about the advanced technology Wakanda is using for civilisation .

When Ross gets injured in all this T’Challa takes him to Wakanda where Shuri heals Ross.

T’Challa confronts Zuri about N’Jobu .

Zuri explains that N’Jobu planned to share Wakanda’s technology with people of african descent around the world to help them conquer.

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