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Avenger : Infinity War Download

Avengers: Infinity War Download

Avengers: Infinity War Download

Avengers : Infinity War is the sequel of Avengers Age of Ultron and the 19th film in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Directed By:  Anthony and Joe Russo.

Cast : Robert Downey Jr. , Chris Hemsworth , Mark Ruffalo , Chris Evans , Scarlett Johansson , Benedict Cumberbatch , Don Cheadle , Tom Holland Chandwick Boseman , Paul Bettany.

Other cast : Elizabeth Olsen , Anthony Mackie , Sebestian Stan , Danai Gurira , Letitia Wright , Dave Bautista , Zoe Saldana , Josh Brolin and Chris Pratt .


About Movie

Avengers and Guardians of the galaxy attempt to prevent Thanos from collecting the six all powerfulI Infinity stones . Thanos wants to kill half of all life in the Universe . Because he wants To prevent future crisis of the universe that can be caused by population .

Thanos acquired the power stone from planet Xandar . After that  Thanos attacks the spaceship carrying  survivors of Asgard .

In the combat Thanos defeats Hulk and kills Loki. Heimdall also dies but he tries his best and sends Hulk back to planet earth.

Hulk Lands in Newyork City in the form of Bruce Banner . He warns Stephen Strange and Wong about Thanos and his plan . They find Tony Stark who is member of Avengers .

At that time Maw and Obsidian arrive To retrieve the time stone from doctor strange. Peter Parker also joins the battle.

But after the whole fight Doctor Strange is captured by Maw and he leaves for planet of Thanos.

In saving the whole situation Spiderman and Ironman also land on the spaceship and travel to the planet of Thanos .

After all the fights in the whole movie Thanos is unstoppable .

He retrives all the Infinity Stones and in a single flick wipes out half of the life in the whole universe.

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