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12 Hour Shift movie poster

12 Hour Shift

12 Hour Shift is an American comedy horror and thriller movie, which is actually a black comedy thriller movie. The movie is directed and written by Brea Grant. And Arquette serves as the one of the film’s producers, along with his wife Christina Arquette and Jordan Wayne Long, Tara Perry, and Matt Glass. This movie is also features music compose by Glass. It was schedule to have its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2020. But due to this COVID-19 pandemics this movie premiere is postpone. So about the distribution rights of this movie were acquire by Magnet Releasing in June 2020.

Director : Brea Grant

Producer : Christian Arquette , David Arquette , Jordan Wayne Long , Tara Perry , Matt Glass

Writer : Brea Grant

Cinematography : Matt Glass

Production Company : HCT Media

Distribution : Magnet Releasing

Release Date : 22 September 2020

Movie Duration : 86 Minutes

Star Cast : Angela Bettis , Chloe Farnworth , Nikea Gamby Turner , Kit Williamson , David Arquette

12 Hour Shift movie poster

About Movie:

This movie is showing you some horrible things, relates to black market of organ trading. So if you are not a person, who like this type of things, so i am suggesting you to not watching this movie. Now i am already aware you about this movie, so let’s go further and i am just share some of things about this movie. If you want to learn more about it, so please go and check out the other’s websites or you can download it from here below the post ending. I share the link there for downloading this movie.

Now let’s talk about this movie, the movie is starts in 1999. Mandy, she is a nurse at a hospital in Arkansas, but she is a drug addict. And because of her addiction, she also an abettor in a black market of organ trafficking scheme. So meanwhile in this movie, Mandy’s cousin Regina mishandles a kidney delivery, during a double shift.

Now the movie is going to start some interesting and horrible things. For finding out about them you have to watch the movie by yourself. So go now and check it out, link is below. Click on the download below:


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